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Microsoft Loop

What is Microsoft Loop?

  • Loop is a new collaboration platform that integrates chat, documents, tasks and applications in one place.
  • Loop allows you to create shared workspaces where you can chat with your team, edit documents in real time, assign and track tasks, and access the applications you need.
  • Loop syncs with Microsoft 365, so you can use your favorite tools such as Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Loop?

  • Loop helps you save time and improve productivity, as you don’t have to switch between applications to perform different tasks.
  • Loop makes it easier for you to communicate and coordinate with your team, as you can see the context and progress of each project.
  • Loop allows you to create dynamic and customized content, as you can insert interactive components such as tables, graphs, lists, maps and more.

How can you get started with Microsoft Loop?

  • Loop is available to Microsoft 365 Business, Enterprise and Education subscribers.
  • Loop can be accessed from any device, be it a computer, tablet or cell phone.
  • Loop is free to try for 30 days, with no commitment and no credit card required.

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