Send Copilot to a Teams meeting instead

According to Microsoft’s roadmap, a meeting “Follow-up” feature will be released in Outlook in July, which will allow Copilot to be sent to meetings that we are unable to attend.

Tracking is only available in the new Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the Web.

Follow" button

The organizer

Receive the answer
This lets the organizer know that an attendee is unable to attend the meeting, but wants to be kept informed.

Notice to record the meeting
In Teams the organizer is prompted to record the meeting and take collaboration notes.

The assistant

You have access to the recording and transcripts
The attendee can access the meeting recording and transcripts that were created for the meeting.

Calendar shows time as free
Although the attendee’s calendar is displayed for free, you will still have access to the meeting and chat.

Meeting organizer

If you are the meeting organizer, a Follow response lets you know that an attendee is unable to attend the meeting, but is following you and therefore wants to receive information about the meeting, including any available recordings or transcripts.

As the organizer, by requesting responses and choosing not to hide the list of attendees, other attendees will also be able to see all of the Follow responses.

Check the status of this functionality in Microsoft’s Roadmap:

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